Brand Partners

We BELIEVE in MN brands doing GOOD for MN students + communities

Each quarter we will spotlight 10 new brands, each offering 10-20 products each, to be sold by 10,000+ high school students raising funds. We support fundraising for all extra-curricular activities including school athletics, non-athletic organizations, independent programs, and travel clubs.

Your Brand Story Told

100000+ Impressions

Share your brand story and best sellers with a captivated audience of 50,000+ consumers, all motivated to purchase in support of their student group

10,000 Strong Sales Force

Imagine 10,000 instant local sales consultants offering your products to a highly affluent consumer group of Minnesota enthusiasts

<$0.05 Per Impression

No other marketing tool offers a higher reach or opportunity to tell your brand story and expand your audience

Brand Building Adrenaline

Increase your social media following and email lists. Introduce best sellers, cross-promote and move through discontinued or over inventoried items. Minnesotans love supporting local businesses and are three times more likely to repeat purchase from a local brand.