In Minnesota, food is part of our heritage. Both widely accepted, and sometimes joked about, is our custom to offer food and coffee at a minimum of three times to any guest in our homes. Our relationship with the gourmet was born out of necessity and continues now as a shared cultural value. We love to eat and to share our goodies! This gift guide is suited to any budget, taste, and gathering, and includes our picks to support the foodie tradition this season. 

Sweet Treats

If we had our way, it really would be a marshmallow world in the winter. These decadent confections from these MN brands are our favorite sweets for the holiday season. Some are modern interpretations of regional treats, others, like Pearson’s, are staples to be passed on to each new generation. No matter how you celebrate, each would be welcome additions to family gatherings, office functions, hay rides, or just because.  

Salty & Savory Gifts

Minnesota is known for our farms and agricultural innovation. From wild rice to local creameries, Minnesotans know how to serve gourmet goodies. Select a gift box or combine a few selections like local cheese, honey, and mixed nuts on a handmade cheeseboard for an impressive presentation.

Beverages to Share

From winter spiced teas to rich hot cocoa, gifting beverages also is the gift of time as each potable is sipped and shared. Fill a gift box or stocking with Minnesota made drinks and accessories. A modern take on the hot chocolate of one’s youth is given a personal touch with handmade marshmallows or a hand-thrown mug by a Minnesota artist.


When we are short on time or struggling to wrap up a gift beautifully, a gift box might be the best option. Here are our favorite MN gift boxes for the season. Thoughtful, and local gifting as easy as picking up to-go!