The winter chill has really settled in signaling more than the need for an extra layer of wool: We are almost out of time to find the perfect gift! MN Brands for Good has the solution.This year embrace the opportunity to showcase our shared Minnesota culture through personally chosen gifts for every woman on your list. Even in the winter, amidst all the layers and scarves, we showcase our personal passions in what we wear and share. Gift her a thoughtful, locally sourced treasure that will leave her feeling loved and appreciated this holiday.

The Holiday Hero 

Sometimes we want something pretty, rather than something we need or will use often. MN makers do not disappoint in creating beautiful treasures for every woman on your list. From a traditional woven plaid wool scarf to a gemstone choker, here is our guide to MN pretty.

Gifts That Do More

For those advocates for a better world, here are gifts that do a little more. From Northern Glass working to provide access to clean water or Great Lakes Co. donating a portion of sales to save the Boundry Waters. The Never Knock company believes in getting up after every fall and purchases of their products at local markets support equine rescue and care. All the gifts below propel your purchase into the philanthropic.

For the Woman Who Does it All  

Self Care can mean anything from a moment to take a few deep breaths, (or better yet, watch the snow fall) to skin and health care. It is important to spend a little time decompressing so that she can do everything else well and joyfully. Often, women take on many roles simultaneously, without allotting the same care for themselves. These gifts reflect her personality but also show you value her hard work and well-being.