The history of the brownie is lost in time but was likely the invention of necessity for a portable lunchbox treat. In 1893, Bertha Palmer wanted a dessert that was easier to transport and eat, but without the mess of a chocolate layer cake. It wasn't until a 1906 Fannie Farmer cookbook recipe entry that the decadent baked chocolate treat became a well-known treat. Regardless of the origin, one could argue that rich chocolate brownies and ice cold milk can solve a lot of problems. 

Brownies Vs. Blondes

OHM Slap Shot Brownie, $43.50/dozen
S'mores and peanut Butter
OHM Slap Shot Brownie, $43.50/dozen S'mores and peanut Butter

Brownies and blondes are similar bars in that they are easy to bake and both are homey decadent treats. Plus, both go great with a glass of ice cold milk. That might be where the similarities end. There seems to be a very distinct preference among people as to which is the best dessert. There is also similar debate about the which type or piece of a brownie pan is best. Some prefer cake or fudge brownies, or some prefer an edge piece to the those from the middle. We choose? Have both! These are MN Brands for Goods' favorite local chocolate brownies. OHM Brownies are fresh baked decadent brownies from a Minnesota hockey mom. Coconut Whisk Baking Co. creates vegan gluten-free mixes from natural ingredients. Creative Baking Solutions was founded by a mom and farmer who wanted to make homemade baking easy.