Watching the excitement on friends and loved ones faces as they unwrap a gift, might be the best part of gift giving. And the gift wrap is the quintessential cherry on top of the holiday cake. Crisp wrapping paper, sentimental tags, and glittering ribbons create excitement, enticing the recipient to ponder the possibilities within. The anticipation of what is in a wrapped package brings out the kid in us all.

National Re-Gifting Day

The Thursday before the Christmas is national re-gifting day. This holiday was originally intended in honor of quirky office holiday gifting traditions, but it is also a great time to look at green gifting and packaging too. Reducing waste suits our MN industrious roots. While re-gifting sometimes gets a bad rap, it could also be viewed as recycling. From the gift givers perspective, it is better a gift is enjoyed by someone rather than sit unwanted and unused! Whatever the gift you are giving, choose wrapping that celebrates the gift and recipient. Whether you adorn that gift with recycled paper or reusable totes, remove any qualms of re-gifting through a thoughtfully and beautifully wrapped package. This holiday garner style points through locally sourced materials and recycled goods to wrap the most memorable and impressive gifts. 

Uncommon Wrapping

Minnesotans are industrious and creative, and the way we adorn a present is no exception! MN Brands for Good is an advocate for locally sourced products, as a community benefit.  Plain brown packaging paper can be re-purposed for multiple gift wrapping styles. Have the kids color or stamp the paper for Grandma to add a personal touch. Another cute idea is to glue holiday puff balls or a textural design across recycled craft paper. Instead of a bow, tie twine, a gift tag, and this Minnesota on a Stick from Hagen and Oats to the top of the gift. We also love this MN ornament by Melinda Wolff as a decorative gift topper. Lollidale socks have a greeting card as the packaging! What better way to send holiday love than with a gift topper that will keep their toes warm too? Swap out adornments with limited utility, and instead use the top of the package as valuable real estate to add to the gift. 

Other recycled wrapping ideas that are worthy of your perfect find include old maps or wall calendars. Skip the gift wrap entirely and place your gift in a MN made wood box or reusable tote bag. Match the packaging to the theme or central idea of the gift like a grocery tote with gourmet goodies inside. We love Scrappy Products bags made from recycled plastic bottles! Check out local art supplier Wet Paint on Grand Ave for handmade paper by local artists, or get inspired to paint your own gifts with festive scenes or sentimental holiday memories. Go ahead, let your Minnesota pride show both in locally sourced products and your impressive delivery.