Its #nationalcuddleupday 

January 6th is national cuddle up day and in Minnesota, in the peak of Winter, is it ever welcome and needed! Naturally, we at MN Brands for Good advocate for cuddling up with the coziest Minnesota made blankets, jammies, socks, and slippers. Time to embrace the promise of the New Year while sipping honey crisp apple cider as the fire crackles and the wild rice bubbles in the Crockpot. In Minnesota, we know toasty, cuddly winter survival like no one else. Celebrate a MN winters night in to enjoy a new year's reflection, pondering time spent together and the upcoming new year. 

#NationalCuddleUpDay #MNWinter

In for the Winter

Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to refresh the décor while maintaining functional elements necessary for warmth. Cuddle up in style with the classics by Faribault Woolen Mills or add modern neutrals by Louise Gray. Here are a couple of our favorite Minnesota brands and shops for the perfect warm layer room accent.

Cuddle in for Warmth!

Family cuddle! Take it easy and clock some cuddle time with your favorite people today, or whenever you need an extra snuggle. Everyone likes a little down time including the kiddos and furry friends. Whether you prefer to cuddle up with the whole fam over some hotdish and a good show or to wax philosophic about the upcoming new year, don’t forget these toasty threads to keep you cozy and warm from head to toe. First, pick up matching his and hers long johns or a warming base layer from Bemidji Woolen Mills store, then check out these great MN products.