National Sock Day

National sock day is December 4th. In December, the average daily temperature is just 27 degrees in the Twin Cities. One of the shared experiences of Minnesotans is ice-cold feet in the winter. Our suggestion? stock up on comfy, cozy, toe-warming socks in honor of this perfectly timed holiday.

We Know Socks

MN Brands for Good works with several companies that carry many styles, patterns, and fabrics of socks. Hippy Feet is a Minnesota company working to end teen homelessness through training opportunities and community outreach. Our favs include positive messaging like, "You are loved" and the Minnesota inspired print Pine Tree. Minnetonka Moccasins Serape stripe socks bring a little sunshine to brighten up cold winter days. Duluth pack and Great Lakes both have practical and cutie boot and cabin socks on offer. Add socks to a holiday stocking or a giving tree to share the love of warm toes1

Re-Purpose Old Socks

Another way to celebrate national sock day is to re-purpose any dryer orphans into sock puppets. Create a family fun night in, by each turning mismatched darlings into imaginative characters with googly eyes and puffballs. Another way to celebrate is to show your love for sock monkeys by sporting Steger Mukluks Fox River Red Heel socks. These socks will warm your chilled feet and maintain the look of iconic sock monkey puppets. Still produced by the same company that knitted the original red-heeled sock, Steger's Fox River socks include instructions for making your own sock monkeys!

Classic sock monkey

However you choose to celebrate, pull on your favorite socks, cozy up, and keep warm!