There is a new premiere gift and specialty retailer in Minnesota, Rose & Loon is an innovative new retail model. You'll find this destination in their stunning 4,000 square foot space in Rosedale Malls second floor Von Maur wing. This stylish and sophisticated retail space is designed to be both a showroom of local product and offer a unique retail experience.

Retail As An Experience – A Destination

Over the past several years traditional brick and mortar retailers, particularly boutiques, have struggled with declining foot traffic as consumer behavior has shifted towards e-commerce. Rose and Loon turns that trend on its head by offering consumers a retail experience with an intimate connection to the makers and their brand stories. In fact, product experience is encouraged and expected. You'll find samples of local honey from Worker B, lotion samples from Essence One and a Joanna Gains farm sink to test out hand soaps and scrubs. There is even a dedicated “meet the maker” space for events and workshops. Rose & Loon has plans to continually rotate the brands and products they feature so consumers can expect something new every time they walk in the store.

Discovery & Adventure

The staff at Rose & Loon are true storytellers and advocates for the makers represented in the store. They are knowledgeable, charming, and their passion for the local community comes across clearly. They facilitate the discovery and adventure by offering a guided tour of the makers (much in the same way an experienced waiter or waitress will give you a tour of the menu at Café Lurcat – upselling their favorite selections along the way). And we were happy to go along on the ride, tossing item after item into our basket. We like to think of ourselves as pretty engrained in this local community of makers, and yet, even we discovered new products, we'd never seen before. A testament to the strategy of Rose & Loon.

A Few Favorites

It is possible that our favorite thing about Rose & Loon (beyond the lighting, Cambria topped tables and marquee tile floor) is the inclusiveness and diversity of makers, products and price points. Price points in this store range from a $0.59 Annie B's caramel up to a $70 Timbr hand-carved s'mores serving tray. There is truly something for everyone which has made Rose & Loon the premier gift destination boutique in Minnesota. Our purchase for the day included a blueberry pancake candle from Excelsior Candle Company, an Adam Turman Minnesota seasons print, Annie B's caramels and Melinda Wolfe earrings.

Make no mistake, Rose & Loon has created a unique secret sauce and we can't wait for more.