Reflect, Refresh, and Refocus

A guide to post-holiday self-care

Prep for the upcoming new year with post-Holiday self-care. Self-care can mean anything from skin care to me-time, to a yoga retreat, and everything in between! After the holidays, while still in the middle of icy winter weather, finding ways to rejuvenate and refresh can be a challenge. Alleviate post-holiday stress and burnout with a pivot to self-care practices in the new year. MN Brands for Good has self-care solutions for any budget or time commitment. Fortunately, in MN there are ample opportunities for self-care, no matter how you relax and recharge.

A Few Simple Seconds

Self-care does not require a substantial commitment of time and money. Taking a few moments break during your day can make all the difference. A simple stretch and a few deep breaths can be very therapeutic. Take a 2-minute dance party break to some sunny, summery music. Create or reserve an area or nook in your home just for a peaceful break. Turn off and unwind, your own way. For a longer respite, try Essence one room diffuser with a calming or relaxing oil. They also have several essential oils to choose whatever best suits your mood or need. Take a spa day at home with da Bomb bath bombs or Essence One bath salts.

Hygge Time

This term Hygge is a Danish cultural tradition meaning to embrace the extreme winter by staying in and cozy. In Minnesota, this is such a relatable concept when the wind chill freezes the tears to your face. Wrap up in all your MN made mocs, wool throws, and fuzzy scarves, then brew some hot coffee or tea and unwind. Below are a few of our favorite local finds for staying warm, comfy, and cozy.

Wellness, Fitness and Meditation

There are many outdoor activities for stress relief and self-care, even in the winter months. Get out of the cities, and take a weekend yoga, meditation, or ski retreat. Explore has a great listing of events all around the state to boost your heart rate and rejuvenate the spirit. Check out Boreal Bliss winter yoga retreats for a weekend of yoga, nature, and art throughout rural MN. These ladies embrace the snow and winter as a quiet chance to reflect and focus.

Minnesota Skincare

Shop local for skin and spa treatments like those from Naked Bear, J.R. Watkins, and The Elixery. Minnesota makers know skincare to get you through the harsh winter weather! We love organic lip balms by MN maker Kind Lips! Take care of your lips and support anti-bullying initiatives too. Naked bear is all-natural skin care to sooth and calm, from all-natural gentle oils and healing herbs. The Elixery is a well-known MN skincare company creating original products right in Minneapolis. Taking time for a winter skincare regimen will make you look and feel great all through the winter months.