A Warm Winter Indulgence

A soak in the tub can be reinvigorating for the mind and body. Warm aromatic waters can relax muscles, ease away tensions, and spark creativity. In Minnesota, a dip can ease winter chills and reinvigorate dry skin. Fortunately, MN makers don’t disappoint in creating everything needed for a luxurious and restorative bathing experience. Today is national bubble bath day, so we at MN Brands for Good decided to highlight MN makers elevating all things bath time. 

Healing Waters

A warm bath can ease sore muscles and get the blood pumping all the way back to your frozen digits. Epsom salts have a long-standing reputation for easing pain and inflammation. Up the recuperative properties of your bath with some Minnesota made natural additives. We love Essence One’s Milk Bath Tea made with coconut milk, oatmeal, lavender, and chamomile. This MN company also produces sea salt bath tea bags and bath bombs imbued with essential oils and other all-natural ingredients. Melt away all of your stress and tension while submerged in warm aromatic waters. The Foundry Homegoods offers great simple modern bath options to create your own luxury spa at home. Their shop is in Minneapolis supporting primarily MN makers but fully focused on sourcing high-quality products they believe in. However you set up your bathing oasis, add meaningful accents and personal touches that promote your good health and humor. 


Throughout history, there have been many people that famously exulted the benefits of bath time. Cleopatra bathed in milk in honey, while Churchill took multiple baths per day. Taking time out for a bath is also a form of permission to refocus cognitive energies for creative problem-solving. Take the time just to think or reflect. You could finally finish that book or do some journaling too.   Who’s to say that these MN brands didn’t design their wares out of necessity? Here are some of our favorite Minnesota products for a long, luxurious, not to mention uplifting bath.