Can't I just write a check?

Is there anything worse than having to fundraise for your child's sports, dance or school program? Parents everywhere are asking, “can't I just write a check?” Everyone hates having to ask friends and family to buy candy bars, popcorn and wrapping paper no one really wants. Not to mention these products often come from low-quality brands no one has ever heard of. It's a sentiment parents everywhere share… today's fundraising programs are the worst. This outdated model of fundraising is exactly why MN Brands For Good is taking a fresh and local approach to student fundraising.

The secret sauce

What makes our program unique - our “secret sauce” - is an assortment of local high-interest products from unique MN brands with rich stories and great price points. Not only are these products on trend, they are in high demand and made locally. So when you purchase, you're not only supporting a local MN student, you're also supporting a local MN business! It's a win / win model for Minnesota.

What we know

The need for fundraising programs in Minnesota is here to stay. Almost every MN school or student organization is looking for some financial assistance. Most budgets fail to cover all the costs associated with offering sports programs, cubs or class trips. Each year more than 856,000 Minnesota students engage in fundraising programs to offset rising activity fees, equipment expenses and registration costs. More than 236 school districts & athletic departments will launch 2-4 fundraising programs in 2019. Many of the fundraising programs Minnesota students offer today have been offered over and over and over again resulting in low participation, low sell through and even lower profits for the student. Coaches, parents and activity leaders across Minnesota are in desperate need of a new approach.

Why it works

MN Brands For Good carefully curates the collection of products and invites only the best MN brands to apply. The application process to become a partner involves rigorous product testing to insure the highest quality standards are met. Once approved, MN brands have access to a sales force of 10,000 students and a captive audience of 100,000 Minnesotans to market their products to. Our brand partners have the opportunity to impact their community and inspire the next generation of Minnesota entrepreneurs.